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Two opinion pieces on face masks in the March 31 Times Citizen caught my eye. Two neighboring school districts have discontinued mask mandates and Iowa Falls and other school districts have been discussing the issue for the remainder of the school year. For over a year, we’ve been told science justifies masks and other restrictions in our lives. We’re told to trust health care professionals, the CDC, IDPH, local public health and others. Aren’t these the same people who said wear the masks to flatten the curve and quarantine infected individuals in nursing homes? Wear a mask, don’t wear a mask, wear three masks. Get vaccinated and go about your life. Oh wait, maybe not yet, but still wear a mask. Discrepancies in reported cases? Why?

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Does Mr. Stotser drive a car, use a telephone, enjoy television, visit a doctor occasionally? Then he relies on science, regardless of what, or who, he thinks he relies upon. I suspect his church was built using architectural principles uncovered by science. I suspect that if his community chooses to spray for mosquitoes this summer, or engage lifeguards at the pool, that it wouldn't occur to him to somehow 'opt out' of such protections. Point is, we don't live in caves anymore, because we all rely on science, which has to do with our God-given brains coming up with ideas to improve our lives or address our problems. The real reason Mr. Stotser prefers not to wear a mask during the pandemic is that he finds it inconvenient or uncomfortable, or else it offends his personal sensibilities. He's choosing to ignore the fact that science tells us that failure to wear a mask increases the risk of both catching COVID-19, and inflicting it on others, saying that he trusts God more than any scientific expertise. He doesn't bother to determine what other people do, or don't put their faith in, either; he's thinking of himself, alone -- something I suspect even Jesus of Nazareth would find problematic. But so long as Mr. Stotser takes part in any of the myriad human activities of the modern world, he's already reliant on science, as well as on God, like the rest of us. To say otherwise is simply to express a type of arrogance, masquerading as a 'freedom,' that puts other people in unnecessary medical jeopardy. Yes, each of us gets out of bed everyday and incurs risk. But we use our God-given brains to weigh the costs versus the benefits of doing so, as well as how to do so, and these are individual decisions. The difference between Mr. Stotser and me is not the degree of our faith in God. It's the difference between a piecemeal embrace of our God-given human potential, and a full embrace of that.

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