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I am writing In regards to the latest “stimulus” package. This big government giveaway was meant to help average Americans get back on their feet due to all the government imposed shutdowns . . . or so we were told. But let’s take a closer look at the numbers of this stimulus package, and previous stimulus bills. All told, the federal government has passed a total of $5.3 trillion worth of stimulus. That is about $43,000 per household. Naturally, these numbers raise the question, where did all that money go? Did any American household receive this much money? Well, a few did. Bill Gates, whose net worth is estimated at $132 billion, received $3.5 billion for one of his foundations. Why does the third richest man in the entire world need that much money from American taxpayers? Our community could have used some of that to build a new school without raising taxes.

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In December of 2017, the Republicans, who controlled both houses of Congress and the White House, passed a $1.5 trillion tax cut. "It'll be rocket fuel for our economy," promised President Trump, at the time. His treasury secretary also assured us that the tax plan would "pay for itself with economic growth." But that never happened. Sixty percent of the benefits went to the top 20% of income-earning individuals. Corporate tax rates were also slashed by 40%. Despite the promises, corporate tax revenues flowing back into the federal government fell by 31% in the first year after those cuts took effect, and overall tax revenues declined for 3 years in a row. Any positive effects spluttered to a halt during the pandemic, which thus far has killed more than half a million Americans and sickened 30 million more. Had Trump merely taken the steps suggested to him by documents provided to his administration by the outgoing Obama team -- instead of throwing those suggestions into the trash -- hundreds of thousands of lives could have been saved or protected from illness. But Trump, buoyed by Republicans fearful of his vengeful wrath toward those he perceived as disloyal, drove us even further afield from our Democratic foundations. The extraordinary nationwide popularity of Biden's American Rescue Plan -- which only Democratic Congresspeople said 'yes' to -- is a testament to our nation's desperate wish to put the Trump years, and Republican control, behind us. We HAD been on the way to cementing an oligarchy in this country; THAT was what Trump and his enablers were trying to accomplish. Thank heavens we stopped that, at least temporarily. Despite the balderdash Mr. Ioerger pens here, the American Rescue Plan will actually help millions and millions of children climb out of poverty this year. Yes, it's a big stimulus, but this time, it's going to a whole heck of a lot more people who actually need it. And unlike a tax cut, it's not meant to last forever. It's a shot in the arm to a beleaguered nation that will now have a chance to get back on its feet and fly. The Republicans have largely held sway in the United States for about the last 40 years, and most Americans are worse off, as a result. Perhaps the Democrats will also now get 40 years to prove their mettle. I look forward to it.

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