To the Editor:

I attended Ellsworth in the early ’70s. I made many lifelong friends at Ellsworth. About a year ago I hosted a reunion of many of those friends. As part of the reunion we were able to tour the girls’ dorm. Back in the ’70s, male students were rarely allowed in the dorm, although I heard that some guys were successful in sneaking in occasionally! The girls’ dorm was the forbidden fruit in the olden days so I was looking forward to the tour we were given last year. After the tour I came away with this thought. The dorm was built about 60 years ago to meet the expectations of students at that time. It has been maintained over the years, but it does not meet the expectations of today’s students and their parents. It really needs some significant remodeling - just like any 60-year-old building would. Please vote yes on the upcoming bond issue. The money will go to good use. Ellsworth is a major contributor to the area economy and is important to the vitality of Iowa Falls. We need to support our college. If we don’t support it - who will? Vote yes.

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