To the Editor:

When you think Hardin County supervisor, what parts of our county do you think of? Maybe roads, courthouse services, or animal feeding operations? When I think Hardin County supervisor, I think about the 200-plus drainage districts that our supervisors oversee as trustees. As a farmer trustee myself, I know the job supervisors take on as trustees is a whole different world. Balancing legality and impartiality is at the center of this work, and it is not always easy. Fortunately, our current supervisors work diligently to create equity and fairness for those of us that live in drainage districts, and supervisor BJ Hoffman has led the efforts to give landowners a voice. I witnessed this firsthand when he and his colleagues turned over control of a drainage district where I farm to a board of local landowners. This action showed me that BJ is less interested in political power, and more concerned with fairness and doing what is best for farmers. I have seen by his actions that he views his position of leadership in our county as a place where he can serve his community. As a young farmer, I can see that BJ’s leadership and character will keep Hardin County a farmer-friendly place for years to come. At the end of the day BJ understands farmers and he is engaged with us. His opponent has no platform, is a lifelong government employee, and is out of touch with agriculture. I am concerned some of the views BJ’s opponent aligns with are simply so radical he will negatively impact the farm economy, which is our driving force. When you fill out your absentee ballot or go to the polls, please vote for BJ Hoffman. He is fair, responsive and he builds relationships so he can achieve common goals that benefit us all.

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