To the Editor:

I have nothing against Republicans. In elections I vote for the person that I think is best for the job, not their party. People that have morals and can trust what they say or do. I just can’t see how people could back a person that tells nothing but lies, makes up stuff instead of knowing and telling the facts and doesn’t trust scientific truths. In his speeches he riles people up by telling his lies over and over, filling them with hatred. I was taught to tell the truth and live by the golden rule. You don’t have people telling lies for you or doing unlawful deeds just to have your way. Just like his speech to the radicals that marched to the Capitol to hurt people, destroy and delay the counting of votes. He said he would be with them, not so. He was held up watching the insurrection, not doing anything to stop it. Read Jon Heitland’s column in the Jan. 27 Times Citizen.

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