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When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the U.S. hard my wife and I were in South Texas. The authorities there put our county in shelter-in-place on March 15. We started using masks when going out for food, etc., and have continued doing that since we got back home in early April. It amazes me when I go out for groceries here that so many people are not wearing masks. Wearing a mask not only helps protect you from others but also helps lessen the possibility of those who are asymptomatic from spreading the virus to you. Hardin County, you are vulnerable. Wear a mask if not for your own protection, at least do it for others. Because of the way this virus progresses you could have the virus without showing any symptoms. Until there is a vaccine please practice preventative distancing and wear a mask!

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I'm sorry but you are incorrect. None of the masks you see people wearing will slow this virus down. It's akin to trying to keep flies out of your house with a chain link fence. Not only does it not stop a virus, it gives viruses a warm moist area right in front of your nose and mouth to breed! Should a virus become attached to said mask, the way people fumble with the mask they have on their face, they are MORE LIKELY to to infest themselves. There is more of a chance of a virus entering through your eyes! You are also breathing more CO2 than normal, causing an acidotic state in your bloodstream.

If you want to wear a mask that's fine, that is your choice and right but do not attempt to mask shame others into your foolishness.! You may think you are doing right by wearing a mask but you are actually doing a disservice to your body and to others! I will not wear a mask as I have researched it, I will continue to do what I know to be right. -Curt Groen

If this isn't enough you you, I can post many, many others from medical professionals.

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