Elaine Loring

I was chatting with a friend who’s also a teacher, and during the ebb and flow of our conversation she said, “children just want to be loved.” I don’t remember how we got there, or what was said before that, but I had to take pause. She was right. Children do just want to be loved. They are born craving nothing less. But let’s take that a step further – people in general just want to be loved.

What was even more interesting is earlier that same day, I had coffee with another dear friend and she began telling me about a Bible study she had just started. One of the points made in the first session was something along the line of how it’s tough being a woman, because most of women’s struggles are brought on by other women. Think about that. Again, I had to pause at hearing this. And similar to the conversation I was going to have with the teacher-friend about three hours later, the idea of wanting to be liked - or loved - by others is very important in our society. For everyone.

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