Elaine Loring

I was out back yakking on the phone and I heard a loud, and slightly extended, CRACK! Obviously a tree or tree branch had snapped, so I walked to the front yard, glanced around, but didn’t see anything. An hour later I was in the driveway and discovered an apple tree branch had come down. We have a large yard and a lot of trees, so I had to see it from a different perspective to notice the damage. The branch was mostly on the ground, but a portion was still hanging by a thread off the trunk. 

It looked pretty easy to release, so I twisted the branch until it came down, scattering half-grown green apples everywhere. This branch was loaded and hung down anyway, so it probably hit its capacity and fell. Thing is, I had just mowed under that tree about two hours earlier. Glad it didn’t decide to come down then.

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