A birthday celebration occurred over the Thanksgiving holiday, and since everyone was getting tired of turkey, pizza was on the menu. Now I used to love pizza just as much as the next person, but because I’m now lactose intolerant, I can’t eat it because of the dairy. Knowing my dilemma, my daughter-in-law called Casey’s and ordered a variety of pizzas – except for one, and that one was ordered without cheese. Bless her heart.

We pulled into the driveway at the home of the birthday party, and my sons had gotten there about the same time, one was carrying the stack of steaming hot pizza boxes and headed toward the house. They had just picked them up at Casey’s and it was pointed out that the employees there were discussing the cheese-less pizza order upon their arrival. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only lactose-intolerant person in the area, so I thought maybe this particular request was a thing. I guess not. I never order it, and people with my ailment probably don’t go around ordering pizzas without cheese, either. What’s the point, right?

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