Elaine Loring

It was early evening and I had just flipped on the TV, then sat down at the kitchen table where I keep my laptop. I started scrolling and clicking around, not really paying attention to what I was doing, then something in the yard caught my eye. I glanced up just in time to see a beautiful, albeit quite large, dark brown horse with a white spot on its back trot down the driveway. I jumped out of my seat, went to the glass door and saw a lighter brown horse following right behind. We have two horses, but not these two.

The dog was at the door barking like crazy so I let him in, then went out the back door. A gal I didn’t know was standing in the yard and began to tell me how my horses had gotten out, so she rounded them up and led them back to where they belong. Apparently they were on the road looking into our field, so she assumed they were ours. I had never seen them before, but decided I should corral them until we could find their rightful owners. There’s nothing worse than livestock loose on a curvy gravel road.

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