'Tis the season for being nice, especially for the little ones who want Santa to bring them gifts. And as Iowans, we have an overall reputation for being “nice,” but I’ve seen my share of naughty, especially this holiday season.

I was in the grocery store Thanksgiving week to pick up three things – two bell peppers and a carton of mushrooms. I headed for the check-out line and a younger woman with about $150 of groceries in her basket, saw me coming and scurried to get in line ahead of me. Right before she started to unload her cart, she looked me in the eye, saw what I was holding, then proceeded to chuck stuff out of her basket onto the conveyor belt. Now when I’m in line with a lot of groceries and someone approaches with a small assortment of items, I always let that person go before me. It’s rude not to. In my case, the express line was opened up and I was able to go through right away, but it still struck me how rude this woman was.

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I agree with you, some people can seem rude or truly be rude. I try to remember that I don't know anything about their life and what they are going through at that particular moment. Rule #1 Be Kind!! You never know the impact of little acts kindness and how that may change other... and you!!

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