So, I have been angrily covering and uncovering my tomato and pepper plants because the weather people encouraged me to put everything it in the ground outside. There was no chance of frost, they said, no chance of a freeze. Why, oh why, did I listen? Then they acted just as surprised as I did when the temperatures took a nose-dive. I had to drag all the potted plants and hanging baskets into the kitchen, and throw tarps and sheets over the rest left outside. What a hassle. Not just for one night, either, but for several. In the end, a few leaves got zapped, but the worst of it is over and now I can stop wasting my time on frost and freeze preparations.

Isn’t that how life always is? Things are going along just fine then something unexpected happens and changes all of our plans. Sometimes it’s for the worse, but you know . . . sometimes it’s for the better.

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