Well, this is it . . . I’m officially a hundredaire. I have now written 100 published Little Pieces in this newspaper. There were a couple more which were written and never published, mostly because I changed my mind on the subject matter, but the other 100 made it in.

When I started doing this, I never thought I’d come up with something to say as often as I have, but I did and I surprised myself in doing so. Except there were times when I’d pick up the paper, read my column and think, “How embarrassing” or “That sounded really stupid.” Then I‘d kind of hide out until I could redeem myself with the next one. But there were other times I’d read my column and start to cry because I did when I wrote it, like when Little Girl the calf died, or when I had to pack up childhood relics and memories into totes so I could renovate my boys’ bedroom into a guest room.

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