I was probably around 19 or 20 and sitting in a bar in Colorado that celebrated Friday Afternoon Club or FAC, as the locals called it. This was every Friday and pitchers of beer were a buck. I used to like beer, but I have no idea what brand it was… maybe Coors? All I know is we had to get there around 4 if we wanted a seat. By 5 p.m., people were standing in the aisles, resting their pitchers on any nearby table with an open spot. Droves of people standing all over made it pretty hard to get past to go to the restroom... especially if you knew someone and stopped to chat. Apparently, there was no crowd control back then.

We were at a table near the stage and the cover band was playing late 70s punk and some rock. We had our pitcher of beer on the table and heavy glasses all around – the kind like A&W used to have – heavy and thick with a handle. I’m guessing there were four of us girls, and one was spitting tobacco into on of those heavy glass mugs. She always did.

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