Elaine Loring

I saw something dart across the yard, then disappear behind our old chicken coop the other day, then I saw it again a week later. I thought maybe it was a beaver because it had a dark tail, except that made no sense because a beaver would need a body of water, and it couldn’t run that fast. Then someone else saw the same thing, this time it ran behind the barn, but again toward the chicken coop. This was no beaver, it was a red fox with a dark tail.

There’s a hole under that old chicken coop and a fox has apparently made a home there. Rabbits used to live at that same residence, but their population has significantly dwindled and now I know why. The fox has taken care of a lot of them. So I guess we can live in harmony… the fox really isn’t doing anything except showing itself every so often. Now when someone sees the coop and asks if we have chickens, I can use this as just another excuse not to get any… ever again.

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