It was after dark one summer evening years ago when I heard the roar of automobile engines down below my house on two-lane Siloam Road. The cars started their east-bound side-by-side drag strip race just inside the city limits at the small bridge over a tributary creek that flows into Elk Run. There was a city street light just to the west of the creek bridge on Siloam Road, but no other street lighting at the time until you rounded the curve eastbound and approached the Lindsay property near where the photography studio is now located.

The automobile engines roared, and I could hear the vehicles streaking east bound on Siloam Road. All of a sudden there was a loud crash and then silence. I knew that something drastic had happened, so I grabbed a flashlight, jumped in my car and sped down my driveway and then east on Siloam Road to what I suspected would be a major accident scene. When I arrived and pulled over to the side of the road, I could see the broken utility pole to my left in the north ditch, hanging on its wires. In the right ditch on the south side of Siloam Road was an overturned vehicle and nearby laid the body of a young man.

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