Back in 1962 when KIFG Radio first went on the air, working the Sunday shift meant two things. You had to keep one ear tuned to the studio audio speaker to be sure that the remote broadcasts from the local church services were actually going out on the air and the other ear tuned for the possibility that local radio listener Mavis Day might be swishing in through the studio door with one of her finger lickin’ home-cooked fried chicken dinners. It was a regular treat on Sundays.

In addition to being an excellent cook, Mavis kept the community on its toes. On The weekday station’s call-in show, “The Worry Bird”, Mavis was a regular participant. Back then the 15-minute talk show ran from 7:30 to 7:45 Monday through Friday with Station Manager H.A. “Skeet” Preston fielding the incoming phone calls. “Skeet”, a vaudeville type of promoter, had little trouble handling the kudos or gripes of the moment, which ran from happy birthday wishes to complaints about backyard barking dogs and pot holes on a city street.

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