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One of the great songs ever to come out of the South, “Georgia on My Mind” was written by native son Hoagy Carmichael, composer, and Stuart Gorrell, lyricist, in 1930 on a winter evening in a third floor apartment on 52nd Street in New York City. Discussion to this day, when one reflects upon the lyrics, is whether or not the lyrics are about Hoagy’s sister, Georgia, or the state of Georgia. When reading the lyrics it seems to be a “Catch 22.”

Nevertheless, the State of Georgia, USA, adopted “Georgia on My Mind” as the official state song on April 24, 1979. The song was first recorded by Hoagy Carmichael, with jazz trumpet player Bix Beiderbecke on Comet records in New York City on September 15, 1930.

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Mr. Vest,

You quoted a portion of the new Georgia voting law, calling it "a new election impediment," and then equated it with mandating segregated water fountains. I must confess to being utterly unable to see how you link the two. The restrictions you quoted on actions which could influence voters in line have absolutely no racial aspect at all, and I simply cannot understand how you see them as impeding anyone in exercising their right to vote. I regret to say that you are parroting the Democratic talking point ("Jim Crow 2.0") with just as much substance as they provide. Please explain the connection, or walk it back as an unfortunately mistaken analogy.

And please allow me to add, I was a child in Georgia in the late 1960s. Racism was absolutely pervasive, and I don't doubt it could prove resilient. But to cite examples from over half a century ago to prove current racism is just not valid. We would do well to recall that the KKK found fertile ground in the Midwest in the early 20th century, even if we seem to have mostly gotten over it. I know 25 years ago I heard the comment in the Eldora Hy-Vee, when a Hispanic man was speaking in Spanish on the pay phone that used to be in the entryway, "If they're going to come here they ought to learn English!" I haven't heard it since.

Jay Stanish



Well said. Thank you Jay Stanish.

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