George Vest

Iowa Falls is one of best towns I have ever lived in and I have lived in quite a few. Although born in Webster City (my grandfather was a doctor) I really started life in Des Moines. Dad, an assistant city attorney in Des Moines and World War I pilot, left Des Moines in the late 1920s, soon after I was born, to join the newly-created federal Civil Aeronautics Authority, today’s Federal Aviation Administration. For me it was a matter of growing up in Philadelphia, Chicago, Washington D.C., Miami, Florida, Western Springs, Ill., Iowa City and Webster City. My family and I have called the city of Iowa Falls home since 1962.

We are doing pretty well as a city but can’t seem to get our official population count up much over 5,000. According to the official Iowa Department of Transportation road map, in 2000 we were holding steady at 5,435 persons within the city limits. On the 2009 road map we dropped to 5,193 but bounced back to 5,238 on the 2012 highway map. The next official federal census is due in 2020. Why the official Iowa Department of Transportation head count varies between the FED’s every 10-year census tally certainly tweaks one’s curiosity.

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