George Vest

Drove to Marshalltown the other day and had lunch with Dwayne Garber. That may not mean much to you, but he and I worked together for some 35 years and still get together from time to time. Although now retired, Dwayne, as a licensed civil engineer, land surveyor and major stock holder, was long-time president and CEO of CGA, the Iowa civil engineering firm headquartered in Marshalltown. My job with the firm was in public relations, promotion and right-of-way acquisition.

In taking my usual route the other day from Iowa Falls to Marshalltown I drove down through New Providence, Union, Liscomb and Albion before turning east into Marshalltown on Summit Road. Same old landscape all the way. That is, until I drove past the Iowa Veterans Home and National Guard Armory. After I turned south on 8th and then east on State Street the landscape changed dramatically. Within the city limits of Marshalltown it seemed as if I was driving close to if not on the identical route that last year’s devastating tornado took on the 19th of July as it dropped down and spun its way eastward through the city. The tornado was 90 degrees eastbound and on the ground almost from city limits to city limits.

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