The way things are going in Washington D.C. these days, President-elect Joe Biden’s and Vice President-elect’s Kamala Harris’s swearing-in ceremonies on Jan. 20, 2021 at noon on the west lawn of the Capitol building may be somewhat out of the ordinary. Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John G. Roberts Jr. will swear the two newly elected officials in as the world watches the televised event.

The big question about the upcoming swearing-in ceremony is whether or not TV star and/or President Donald J. Trump and his wife, Melania, will show up to be on the same platform with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Trump comes from the world of show business, the word of Cirque Du Soleil, Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey and Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show. He is a master at upstaging his opponents (remember the Clinton-Trump debates when he kept following her around the stage?) and is a performing front man who would put any circus barker to shame. As show professional P.T. Barnum reportedly said, “There is a sucker born every minute.”

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