Class 1A State Track 4x400

Karis Lippert took off with the lead that lead leg Piper Smith provided. The AGWSR Cougar girls maintained their team lead on day two heading into Saturdays final day with a win in their heat. It qualified them third for the finals a 3:55 p.m. Saturday (today). AGWSR also runs in the sprint medley with Trinity Rotgers, E. Olson, T. Smith and B. Smith at 9 a.m.

Day two wasn’t as kind to the Cougar girls, and remained harsh to the boys, as neither squad scored in their six Friday events. The 4x400-meter relay team, however, ended the day on a good note and set them up for an historic Saturday.

Piper Smith, Karis Lippert, Elise Olson, and Brynn Smith qualified for Saturday’s 4x400 final with a win in their Friday preliminary. While those points wouldn’t be realized until Saturday, head coach Eric Olson knew they would be huge in the team race. Especially in the absence of 3000-meter medalist Nakia Ollivierre who was scheduled to run in the 800 and favored to score in the 1500 on Saturday.

Class 1A State Track: Ava Olson

Ava Olson finished 14th in the Class 1A high jump.

Class 1A State Track: Bradly roder

Bradly Roder, a senior, clipped the first hurdle and it slowed him the rest of the way in a heat that featured a broken record. He finished 23rd.

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