Sydney Kramer

ECC's Sydney Kramer was named to the first team All-Region squad as a sophomore.

It was not the finish Ellsworth Community College was hoping for, but there were a lot of positives to gleam from the softball season.

The athletes showed grit from start to finish. They very easily could have given up and not tried anymore, but they battled game in and game out. According to head coach Nate Forsyth, it was one of his favorite groups that he has ever coached.

Lexi Riggall

Lexi Riggall


Team Conference Record Overall Record
DMACC 22-0 42-0
Kirkwood 21-6 46-11
Iowa Central 11-13 33-28
Iowa Lakes 11-13 24-28
NIACC 9-15 19-30
Ellsworth 7-18 13-29
Northeast 4-20 18-34


Player Year School Position
Bailey Richards So. DMACC C
Monika Bevans So. Kirkwood C
Molly Jacobsen So. DMACC P
Natalie Halvorson Fr. Kirkwood P
Gabby Schathorst So. DMACC P
Mia Ruther Fr. DMACC INF
Rachel Stewart Fr. DMACC INF
Morgan Thesing-Ritter So. NIACC INF
Kacie Salazar Fr. Iowa Lakes INF
Avery Guy Fr. DMACC INF
Savannah Robertson So. Northeast INF
Lauren Kuch Fr. Kirkwood OF
Bre Hunter So. DMACC OF
Kaisha Wells Fr. DMACC OF
Cheyenne Andersen Fr. Iowa Central OF
Alexis Egan So. Iowa Central OF
DoniRae Mayhew So. Kirkwood UTL
Sydney Kramer So. Ellsworth UTL
Morgan Nealey Fr. DMACC DP
Kaylee Rynish So. Ellsworth C
Hannah Mausser Fr. Kirkwood C
Kallie Malloy Fr. Iowa Central P
Yasmine Nix Fr. Iowa Lakes P
Alayna Allen Fr. Northeast P
Taylor Briley So. DMACC INF
Lexi Riggall Fr. Ellsworth INF
Kaitlin Walsh So. Iowa Lakes INF
Kenady Waugh Fr. Kirkwood INF
Shelby Low So. NIACC INF
Kelsey Hora Fr. DMACC OF
Kennedy Newell So. Iowa Central OF
Julia Sullwold So. Iowa Lakes OF
Leilani San Pedro So. Iowa Lakes OF
Jessa May So. Iowa Central UTL
Kaci Sherwood Fr. NIACC DP
Kenlee Frant Fr. Iowa Lakes C
Kodi Hillman So. NIACC C
Courtney Johannes So. NIACC P
Ellie Dixon Fr. DMACC INF
Abbie Young So. Ellsworth INF
Katerina Anothony Fr. Iowa Central INF
Destiny Perry Fr. Iowa Central INF
Jenna Peschel Fr. Iowa Central INF
Alyssa Laxson Fr. NIACC INF
Jade Long So. Northeast INF
Jayci Vos Fr. DMACC OF
Audra Bridenstine So. Kirkwood OF
Katie Chapman So. NIACC OF
Emily Sherston So. Northeast OF
Samantha Mills So. Ellsworth UTL
Coach of the year: Bob Ligouri DMACC
Pitcher of the year: Molly Jacobsen DMACC
Offensive player of the year DoniRae Mayhew Kirkwood
Defensive player of the year Rachel Stewart Kirkwood

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