Darren Veld and Kaden Abbas

Senior Darren Veld (No. 75) and sophomore Kaden Abbas were named to the Class A, Dist. 3 All District first and second team respectively.

Not reaching the number one goal is obviously disappointing, but AGWSR football coach James Koop said this season was not. His squad went 4-4 after making the jump from 8-Man back to the 11-player game, and missed the playoffs by a game.

With what’s coming back, Koop said the playoffs will remain the shining star at the top of the list of goals. But just because his squad didn’t make it this season, doesn’t mean it was a disappointing campaign.

Cale Culver

Cale Culver, an AGWSR senior, was named a first team fullback on the Class A, Dist. 3 honor roll. He was won of eight Cougars picked to the list.

Class A, Dist. 3 Standings

Team Dist. All
Grundy Center 6-0 11-2
Wapsie Valley 5-1 8-3
North Tama 4-2 8-3
Nashua-Plainfield 3-3 4-5
AGWSR 2-4 4-4
Hudson 1-5 1-7
BCLUW 0-6 0-8

Class A, Dist. 3 All District

Name Gr. Pos. School
Dayne Zinkula 12 LB GC
Patrick Brown III 11 OL GC
Clay Saak 10 LB GC
Bryce Greiner 12 OL GC
Cole Lehr 12 LB GC
Cole Richtsmeier 12 DL GC
Trent Cakerice 10 DL GC
Holten Robinson 12 RB WV
Dawson Schmit 11 DB WV
Mason Harter 11 DE WV
Braden Knight 11 LB WV
Hunter Kane 11 LB WV
Brady Weepie 11 OL WV
Gabe Kopriva 12 QB NT
Aiden Zook 12 LB NT
Logan Rausch 12 LB NT
Devin McKinley 12 WR NT
Adam Greiner 12 TE NT
Sam Funderman 12 RB N-P
Max Hillegas 12 DL N-P
Trey Nelson 12 RB N-P\
McKade Munn 12 LB N-P
Darren Veld 12 DL AGWSR
Jared Granzow 11 DL AGWSR
Cale Culver 12 FB AGWSR
Tate Entriken 12 LB Hud
Karter Krapfl 12 DB Hud
Nick Feldspausch 12 CB BCLUW
Austin Betts 11 WR GC
Trent Greiner 12 DL GC
Tate Jirovsky 10 WR GC
Kasey Seitz 10 OL GC
Sloan Klar 12 OL GC
Ben Wegmann 11 WR GC
Stuart Whitehill 11 LB GC
Jaxson Kuhlman 11 OL WV
Keegon Brown 11 OL WV
Casey O'Donell 11 QB WV
Jacob Schoer 10 LB WV
Hunter Ackerman 12 OL WV
Gavin Leistikow 12 LB WV
Nathan Kucera 12 DL NT
Ryan Hosek 10 DL NT
Michael Schrier 11 S NT
Michael Bell 12 WR NT
Thomas Hulme 12 OL NT
Tate White 10 LB N-P
Bo Harrington 11 DB N-P
Drew Rodruck 12 OL N-P
Landon Pratt 11 DL N-P
Ben Puente 11 LB AGWSR
Kaden Abbas 10 RB AGWSR
Bradly Roder 11 LB AGWSR
Gavin Richter 11 LB Hud
Lyle Olsen 10 K Hubd
aiden Farnsworth 12 OL BCLUW
Jayden Bowles 12 RS AGWSR
Ben Reinke 12 DL AGWSR
Kade Pekarek 12 LB BCLUW
Grant Parker 10 P BCLUW
Andrew Guadian 11 OL Hud
Joel Winters 11 DL N-P
Kaden Wilken 11 DB N-P
Tyler Popelka 10 OL NT
Kolt Knaack 9 LB NT
Traeton Sauerbrei 10 DB WV
Tucker Ladeburg 10 OL WV
MVP Offense
Logan Knaack 12 QB GC
MVP Defense
Dexter Whitehill 12 CB GC
MVP Special Teams
Colin Gordon 10 K GC
MVP Lineman
Brayden Sawyer 12 OL GC
Coach of the Year
Travis Zajac GC

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