IFA Baseball Covid

The Iowa Falls-Alden High School baseball team began practice on June 1. The team began play on June 15. They played two games before practice and play were suspended June 18 when a player tested positive for COVID-19.

In 2020, there was a mixture of news, features and game stories that were the most read on the Times Citizen website.

1. IF-A player tests positive for COIVD – like most aspects of life in 2020, the novel coronavirus pandemic impacted sports. The Iowa Falls-Alden baseball team began practice on June 1, but was forced to suspend its season for a week after a player tested positive for the virus.

Brad Hames
Kristin Mathis

Kristin Mathis, a 2016 South Hardin graduate, had the experience of a lifetime as an intern for the Kansas City Chiefs. She was on the field as the Chiefs won the AFC Championship game and earned a spot in the Super Bowl for the first time in 50 years.

Naomi Forgy

Knowing her body, Naomi Forgy knew something wasn't right when her knee would swell up every time she worked out. She ended up going to the doctor and being diagnosed with diffused large cell lymphoma.

IF-A Wrestling NCC Champions

The Iowa Falls-Alden wrestling team is pictured with the NCC Championship trophy.


Every day John Teske has improved - though he still struggles with fine motor skills and coordination. Normal, every day activities take a great deal of effort, leaving him extremely tired by the end.


South Hardin ends the long winning streak of Grundy Center with a 3-1 victory over the Spartans.

Kennedy Campbell

Iowa Falls-Alden alum Kennedy Campbell is a student-manger for the Iowa State wrestling team. She serves many roles to assist the program.

Nathan Coffman

South Hardin junior Nathan Coffman jump-started the Tigers, including a 100-yard pick six to give the hosts an early lead over Iowa Falls-Alden. SH won the game 23-19 after trailing at the half.

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