John Teske spent four weeks in intense rehab after suffering a spinal cord injury back in January. For a while, the Eldora resident could not feel anything from the chest down.

John Teske remembers every second. Every breath. Every detail of that winter day. The day he suffered an accident that left him unable to move.


South Hardin volleyball

The South Hardin volleyball team made the trip to Cedar Rapids to visit their coach, John Teske, while he was in rehab. The love and support from the team and the community helped John immensely during the difficult days.

On the farm

Though he still experiences numbness in his extremities, John Teske has been able to get back to work on the farm. 


Every day John Teske has improved - though he still struggles with fine motor skills and coordination. Normal, every day activities take a great deal of effort, leaving him extremely tired by the end.

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