Rolling the tennis courts

Iowa Falls-Alden head boys' tennis coach Jeff Burchfield made sure the courts were ready to play on Thursday after a Wednesday snowfall. He used a roller and squeegee to get rid of water puddles on the court at Assembly Park.

Snow. Hail. Sub freezing temperatures. The 2018 spring has seen all of the elements which has caused many cancellations throughout the entire state. While the most any one team in the greenbelt has competed is three, several have not gotten outside at all.

With an already condensed schedule, the scramble to fit meets in a small window is already closing. For sports like track, the state allows a certain number of meets during the season. Indoor meets, Drake Relays, the state qualifier and State do not count towards those totals.

Stuck inside

The South Hardin girls golf team has yet to play a meet this spring and have been forced inside for the majority of their practices. While inside, they work on their swings into a net and putting.

Alex England

Cadet No. 1 Alex England helped coach Jeff Burchfield remove snow from the tennis courts to prepare for a meet this week. With the help of the city of Iowa Falls, IF-A did not lose its conference meet against Webster City.

Spring Sports Chaos

Team Events Scheduled Events Competed in Events before postseason
IFA Boys Track 10 1 4
IFA Girls Track 11 1 5
IFA Boys Tennis 12 3 9
IFA Girls Tennis 14 2 9
IFA Boys Golf 11 1 7
IFA Girls Golf 8 0 5
IFA Boys Soccer 17 2 12
IFA Girls Soccer 17 2 13
SH Boys Track 10 2 4
SH Girls Track 10 2 4
SH Boys Tennis 8 2 4
SH Girls Tennis 8 3 3
SH Boys Golf 10 1 6
SH Girls Golf 12 0 6
AGWSR Boys Track 12 3 5
AGWSR Girls Track 11 2 5
AGWSR Boys Golf 12 1 7
AGWSR Girls Golf 11 0 6

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