When Nick Eller took over the South Hardin football program, he knew it would take some time to build it back up to where it once was.

It had been more than a decade since a Tiger gridiron team had finished the season with a winning record. Though the 2014 squad made the postseason that was back when four from every district got in. That team was 4-5. Before that, it had been since 2005 when Eldora-New Providence did it.

Class 1A District 6 All District

Name School Position Grade
Drew Sonnenberg DNH QB 12
Ashton Cook Regina QB 11
Austin Miller North Linn QB 12
Cade Bennett DNH RB 12
Brennan Becker North Linn RB 12
Parker Kiewiet DNH WR 12
Alex Wieck Regina WR 11
Austin Hillmer North Linn WR 10
Matt Reinicke DNH OL 12
Deacon Eiklenborg DNH OL 12
Russell Hingst Regina OL 12
Nathan Rechklemmer North Linn OL 11
Lucas Ross North Linn OL 12
Waylen Butler South Hardin UT 10
Michael Dunn Regina K 12
Zach Starbuck DNH DL 12
Joe Folkerts DNH DL 12
Rowan Udell Regina DL 12
Nathan Graves DNH LB 12
Beau Butler South Hardin LB 11
Noah Epley DNH LB 12
Thain Friest South Hardin LB 12
Sam Bandstra East Marshall LB 11
Dane Fuller DNH DB 11
Tyler Briggs South Hardin DB 12
Brodie Kresser Jesup DB 11
Ethan Espenscheid EM DB 11
Dante Dolash South Hardin P 11
Jase Pilcher Jesup QB 11
Theo Coley Regina RB 11
Garrett Kerber East Marshall RB 10
Josh Dutschik Regina WR 12
Heath Moyer North Linn WR 12
Cooper Fuelling Jesup WR 12
Jacob Leohr DNH OL 11
Will Colony Regina OL 12
Tristan Liebe North Linn OL 12
Hunter Vilez East Marshall OL 12
Jack Keller Regina OL 11
Levi Quinlan Regina UT 11
Nolan Dall DNH DL 12
Seth Proctor North Linn DL 11
Tim Benson East Marshall DL 10
Andrew Peiffer North Linn DL 12
Kaleb Brower DNH LB 11
Nolan Gehrke South Hardin LB 11
Keaton Roscovious Jesup LB 12
Carson Burchland East Marshall LB 12
Gavin Ridout South Hardin DB 12
Reese Roberts DNH DB 12
Brayden Harris South Hardin DB 12
Cade Haughenbury North Linn DB 10
Dane Thompson East Marshall DB 11
Dylan Bellach North Linn P 12
Nic Paxton SH
Nick Terry SH
Offensive MVP Cade Bennett DNH
Defensive MVP Nathan Graves DNH
Coach of the Year: Don Betts DNH

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