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Dwight Carlson

Clear violation of by the county board and they should all be replaced.

Put her in jail......

Why do people have to die because people will not get vaccinated?

Dwight Carlson commented on Hoffman defends removing public comment

What is Mr. Hoffman afraid of?

Dwight Carlson commented on NJCAA Football split into Divisions

Once upon a time Ellsworth would be in the playoffs every year. Again why not


Dwight Carlson commented on Hardin County population on the decline

The drop in population is directly related to the major decline in enrollment at ECC.

I am pro education but take the pork out and find a way to put a new elementary school on the west side. The biggest class any f my four kids had in high school was around was 177 and things went very well. Another gym is clear pork. I also was a Dean at Ellsworth for 29 years and pro ath…

Dwight Carlson commented on Hardin County is bee-witched by honey bees

My wife and I had 300 hives in the area for 40 years. I hope they do very well.

How ever keeping bees is much harder and more expensive today due to all

the problems that exist. At one time if we lost two or three hives over winter we

thought was bad. Now nation wide the…

How dumb the people be. Such a limited amount mowed and I like some mowed

ditch's. Seems like the board has nothing important to do. Maybe we need a new


Seems like the city does not to move forward and make any progress.